Surrogacy in Georgia – Legal Requirements & Cost

Surrogacy arrangements are permitted by law in the country of Georgia since 1997. The costs and the legal requirements are the main reasons why foreign citizens choose the country as their destination for having a baby via surrogacy.

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Surrogacy in Georgia – Legal Requirements & Cost

What does the law say?

The following are the conditions established by the Georgian law on surrogacy:

  • Only married heterosexual couples are allowed to use this method. In other words, same-sex couples and single parents cannot have a baby using a surrogate.
  • Heterosexual couples can use it as long as the woman does not have a uterus or suffers from a medical conditions that prevents pregnancy or makes it very difficult. Medical justification must be provided.

  • Consent from the intended father is required as well. This document will be used to register the commissioning parents as the legal parents of the child following birth under Georgian law.
  • Egg donation, sperm donation, or both options are permitted. However, sperm donation may not be an option in the case of British intended parents for the reasons described below, or for American couples where the intended mother must use donor eggs.
  • Known donations are allowed as well: Intended parents can get to know and receive identifying information about the donor(s).
  • The names of both intended parents are put directly on the child’s birth certificate, without even having the relinquishment of the surrogate to her maternity rights. Under Georgian law, no other person but the IPs has legal rights to the child. Unfortunately, this is valid only in Georgia.

As for the requirements to become a gestational carrier in Georgia, they must have at least one child of their own, be less than age 35 years, and be in the upper-middle socioeconomic level. The monetary compensation they receive for their effort cannot be higher than $12,000 (£8,900).

Contrary to what happens in the United States or Canada, there is not court ruling in Georgia that determines parentage in cases of surrogacy. However, even if it was given as well, it would be useless for both IPs from the UK and USA.

While in the case of British citizens, it is required that the intended father contributes the genetic load, the American law requires that at least one US intended parents has a genetic connection to the child. As one shall see, the options for British citizens when it comes to using donor gametes are more limited.

Once the baby is born, they have to apply for parentage. Under UK law, what they need is a Parental Order, which should be applied for 6 weeks following birth, and not earlier. A primary requirement for a Parental Order to be granted is that the intended father has a genetic link to the baby.

On the other hand, American IPs have to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of an American Citizen (CRBA) and a US passport at the US Embassy or Consulate in the country where the child was born.

How much does it cost?

The average cost of surrogacy arrangements in Georgia ranges between $45,000 and $65,000 (£33,700-£48,700). It depends, however, on the particular needs of each couple of intended parents, as well as on the unforeseen events and potential accidentals that may arise throughout the surrogacy journey.

The following are some factors that are likely to add to the overall cost of surrogacy in Georgia:

  • Using donor eggs
  • IVF failure on the first attempt
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Type of labor (natural childbirth or Caesarian section)
  • Additional techniques, such as PGD/PGS

As for the required travel documents to travel to Georgia, British and US nationals do not need a visa to enter the country. You can enter and stay in Georgia for up to one year, visa-free. In case you needed to stay longer than one year, you would need a long-term visa.

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